Welcome to Shashis Taxis... Based in Durban KZN

Shashi’s Taxi Cab and Limousine Hire Service currently operates a fleet of 50 meter taxis cabs and a limousine with plans to expand in the fall of 2014 by adding 10 new meter taxi cabs in Durban. We are currently receiving high volume calls each day in Durban during peak travel times which requires on average 40 meter taxis per shift. During high peak times we are known to call in extra drivers and increase the active fleet as deemed necessary.

As you are likely aware, the City of Durban is in great need of affordable, convenient and available taxi cab services to residence, work and special events.


Shashi’s Taxi Cabs and Limousine Hire Service is operating on a property in Durban, which was purchased in January 2009. Our property is divided into two sections, one of which is primarily for our taxi cab services, operations and the second is utilized by our full taxi cab service automotive repair facility.

We take great pride in the impeccable maintenance for our taxi cab services and facilities.

By having a professional repair facility on site in Durban, we are able to effectively maintain our fleet and proactively inspect our taxi cab services on a weekly basis. Each meter taxi has a maintenance report schedule that is reviewed by management on a regular basis. All repairs and maintenance performed in a timely manner to reduce any down time and ensure complete safety compliance.

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